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Mannerism System Reference Document

This SRD is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

What is Mannerism

Mannerism is an approach based RPG. You describe your character’s actions with a little bit of roleplaying, thus demonstrating one of the game’s five “Manners”. This is all that is needed to resolve your action and determine whether you have succeeded or failed.

It is a diceless game with the uncertainty coming entirely from the unpredictability of the other players.

Your character advances over time, getting better at things as you do them. You have a lot of control over how you grow and change constrained only by your willingness for the world to see the real you.

Gameplay reinforces a theme of personal barriers and secrecy. Do you keep yourself a secret and never let in love and friendship or do you let yourself be open to these things but make yourself vulnerable to exploitation and a tragic destiny.

The full game comes with a setting, situation and advice. You are miner/librarians with the potential to learn magic in a world of fearful sorcerers. This SRD is just the game system rules in a most practical, basic form.