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Characters may have a gift for magic. Some have no gift. Some have a gift in a single manner. Some have a gift in all 5 manners. How this is managed is setting specific. A character may have or acquire a magical Trait that describes their magic.

Using magic is like a normal Conflict but with a Spell in place of a Skill.

You must learn Spells before you can use them. When you learn a Spell it starts with a rating of 0.

In a magical test the GM complications are: Backfire, Unleashed, Madness, Hunted and Dissipation.

Magical Test Resolution Table

GM Magic Complication Backfire Unleashed Madness Hunted Dissipation
Determination +0 +0 Partial Lose Win +2
Force +2 +0 +0 Partial Lose Win
Speed Win +2 +0 +0, Partial Lose
Precision Lose Win +2 +0 +0, Partial
Imagination +0, Partial Lose Win +2 +0