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Character Components


A character has 5 Manners rated from 0 to 4.

  • Determination - represents will power, earnestness, simplicity and purpose.
  • Force - represents pressure, disregard and bullying.
  • Speed - represents immediacy, abruptness.
  • Precision - represents clarity, accuracy, objectivity and perfectionism
  • Imagination - represents innovation, unpredictability and having your head in the clouds.


A character has 5 Skills rated from 0 to 4.

  • Social - Persuasion, falsehood, intimidation, haggling, oratory etc. all fall under social skills.
  • Movement - Running, jumping, sneaking, swimming, hauling etc., whole body movements.
  • Academics - Recall information, solve riddles, mathematics, research etc.
  • Agility - Sword skills, picking a lock, firing a bow, digging, tying ropes. Hand-eye activities.
  • Craft - Making things, performing a trade, searching, scavenging, managing a household.


A character may have up to 5 Spells, if any at all, rated from 0 to 4.

  • Illusion - Create illusions or sounds; magic to affect the senses.
  • Transformation - To transform yourself, allies, enemies, objects, etc.
  • Enchantment - Enchant a person to affect their mind, or an object’s properties.
  • Evocation - This Spell pushes, blasts and burns. It can also manipulate items.
  • Divination - Divination is for seeing truth and predicting the future.

Character Traits and Specialities

A Trait is a way that you use a Manner differently from other characters. Use the Trait to enhance your description when you use the associated Manner.

A Speciality is a specialisation of a Skill or Spell.

See Traits and Specialities.

Wound Tracks

Characters have 5 vertical Wound Tracks. When you receive a Wound mark the appropriate number of boxes on a single track. See Killing and Injury

Characters suffer cumulative wound effects from the marked boxes.

Character Creation

To make a character you have 7 points to allocate between Manners and Skills.

Give yourself a Trait and a Speciality.

Starting Gear

You start the game with an item of mining related gear and a Spell Book containing one Spell of your choice.